Centre Wellington Energy Innovations (CWEI) Is an Energy Developer focused on:

  • The deployment of community based Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)*
  • Providing a conduit for research and development of efficient generation and energy storage technologies
  • Developing new financial models for deploying barrier free energy technologies across the community
  • Educating the community to engage and embrace alternative energy sources and new ways of consuming energy

*Distributed energy resources (DER) are smaller power sources that can be aggregated to provide power necessary to meet regular demand. As the electricity grid continues to modernize, DER such as storage and advanced renewable technologies can help facilitate the transition to a smarter grid.


By 2030, CWEI strives to deploy standard energy generation and energy storage systems to 100% of the residences in the Centre Wellington Hydro operating area.

To do so, CWEI will:

  • Grow community renewable energy generators
  • Minimize grid defection
  • Reduce barriers to adopting new technology and sources of energy
  • Provide R&D Facility to support the development of new technology
  • Work with academia, international and local partners to provide the best cost benefit to the community
  • Build new types of energy solutions that can be adopted by other communities
  • Minimize transmission by 2040


CWEI works to create affordable, highly available, embedded, sustainable energy solutions that maximize the use of renewable energy, energy storage and existing infrastructure.

Our long term goals are to:

  • Produce up to 4 Megawatts (MW) from Community energy sources
  • Minimize transmission within 25 years
    • 25 MW from Distributed Generation
    • 5 MW from Energy Storage
  • Maximize renewable energy – 50% of total demand
  • Continue to grow revenue opportunities for Centre Wellington Hydro
  • Minimize grid defection to less than 5%


Vice President – Doug Sherwood

Doug Sherwood is the former President of Centre Wellington Hydro and has established significant relationships within the Township of Centre Wellington and with local delivery partners. As the alliance manager he will meet with various stakeholders within the township office. With his extensive knowledge of the local distribution system Doug will assist with the selection and placement of the homes within the grid.