Research and development will be a significant requirement for continuous improvement and support of the local distribution system. By researching new and innovative types of energy technologies and determining the cost, benefit and impact on the Centre Wellington community we can make highly informed decisions on a “best of breed” approach, while minimizing risk to the community.

Research partnerships will include academic and commercial organizations that are developing new types of energy technologies that improve the overall performance of the distribution system or provide a significant benefit to the environment.

R&D Microgrid Test Facility Phase 1

Partnership with:

  • Bluewater Energy
  • Centre Wellington Hydro
  • Rafael Energy – Nano Grid Control

“R” Home Pilot – 2 to 5 homes

  • Design, build and test “R”Home
    • Solar Size
    • Grid Electricity Impacts
    • Controls

Feasibility Projects

  • Fuel Cell – Power To Gas
  • Waste to Energy
  • MicroBiogas
  • MicroCHP
  • Grid Level Battery Storage
  • Remote Site Renewable Energy – First Nations

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