Products and Solutions aimed at reducing ‘R’ customer’s consumption and costs, while improving the overall benefit and experience in working with an innovative energy supplier.


Battery storage backup for your furnace, sump pump, or furnace & sump pump combined.

The ONguard system was developed to provide a seamless operation for sump pumps and furnaces during a power outage. This autonomous product engages during the event of an outage, in case of the absence of the homeowner.


The solution includes 4 kW solar generation and energy storage (batteries and thermal storage systems) significant in size to offset 60% of the current energy use per household. To achieve the project’s purpose, CWEI has created a product called the “R-home”.  The proven components of this technology will create a renewable residential generation and energy storage solution. The primary objective is a significant reduction of the communities’ carbon footprint.  The technology alone is projected to remove the equivalent of 4 metric tonnes of carbon per household per year. The integrated energy management system included in the package will help optimize the homeowners energy demand as well as provide several hours of back-up power in the event of a black out.

This product not only does not require any capital investment by the customer it aims at stabilizing energy costs, fixing energy rates over 10 years for the consumer. The current utility rate of escalation increases nearly 5% annually, making the “R-home” an ideal solution to combat increasing utility rates.